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Open Season

Open Season Process (OSP)

The Open Season Process is defined by Regulatory Decision 73/2021

The purpose of the OSP is to estimate the demand for Natural Gas and the Conclusion of Connection Agreements between the Operator of the Transmission System and the Final Consumers.

The Open Procedure, provided in term 8(1) of the Construction, Ownership, Exploitation and Management of the natural gas Transmission System license (hereinafter “License”), is conducted by the Operator of the Transmission System in two parts.

a) Part I: Expression of Interest for Connection Projects,

b) Part II: Submission of Binding Connection Application and Conclusion of Connection Agreement.

First Open Season Process 2022

The First OSP is implemented only for Part ΙΙ in accordance with Regulatory Decision 73/2021, Article 2, Paragraph 3-7:

«Especially for the first time that the Open Procedure (First Open Procedure) is being implemented, that is immediately after the License has been granted, it shall be carried out only in respect of Part II»

Eligible participants in the First OSP are defined in Regulatory Decision 73/2021, Article 10, Paragraph 3.

«Especially for the First Open Procedure, only the holders of Electricity Generation Licenses shall be entitled to participate, whose Withdrawal Installations (existing or under construction or under development at any stage) are located within a radius of five (5) km from the liquefied natural gas regasification installations’ termination point (CyprusGas2EU project) in Vasilikos area in Larnaca District »

Indicative Timeplan of  Part II of the First Open Season Process


Public Consultation for the Connection Projects Proposal

1 month

Revision/Finalisation of Connection Projects Proposal

1 month

Connection Projects Proposal Approval by CERA

up to

2 months

Information Period of 1st Open Procedure

1 month

Deadline for Submission of Binding Connection Applications

1 week

Evaluation of Binding Connection Applications and Communication

4 weeks

Submission of Objections to the TSO Evaluation Outcome for the Binding Connection Applications

1 week

Examination of Submitted Objections and Communication of Outcome to Interested Parties

1 day

Finalisation and Execution of Connection Agreement with Process Participants approved

up to

2 months

Submission to CERA of the Report for Open Procedure

2 weeks


Public Consultation of the Connection Projects Proposal 2022

Article 9, Paragraph 1 of Regulatory Decision 73/2021, requires the Connection Projects Proposal to be placed on Public Consultation for at least one (1) month.

Public Consultation of the Connection Projects Proposal has been completed and was open to public for comments submission from 11/08/2022 to 26/09/2022 16:00.